No, you’re not hallucinating.

Yes, Tarantino is filming in Hollywood.

Yes, filming is back in Hollywood.

It’s a wonder that Hollywood Boulevard on the Walk of Fame gets any filming action these days; for a long period of time, LA had suffered a drought from filmmakers and studios alike. Tax breaks and various incentives from other states and countries had lured studios elsewhere, with only the most ardent of directors opting to film in Hollywood. Even the illustrious celebrity homes and hilly neighborhoods had seen other states and studio sets function as weak imitators to their original glory. It had become so rare to see a movie filmed in Hollywood that it a welcome surprise fo...

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Summer is coming into full swing in Hollywood, and movie premieres are invading the hallowed Walk of Fame just as the tourists are beginning to arrive. The popular Hollywood tourist spot has already seen the Millennium Falcon and its crew touch down on the stars for the Solo: A Star Wars Story premiere, and the Avengers assembled to take on Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. Now the El Capitan will be premiering The Incredibles 2 at the El Capitan on Hollywood Boulevard, giving tour guides and tourists alike the chance to see the first family of supers on the red carpet. With this premiere marking on of the most anticipated animated films in years, The Incredibles 2 certainly has a lot to liv...

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Nicole Kidman waved to our driver after they spoke for few minutes, as if they were old friends. Ray Liotta gives us a wave as at stoplight. Hollywood is still a place of endless surprises and adventures, and Access Hollywood tours manages to run into the hottest stars in Hollywood. Whether they’re out shopping, partying, or simply working out, celebrities seem to be drawn to Access Hollywood’s iconic blue buses. Over the course of Access’s time giving celebrity homes tours, our drivers have run into many headlining celebrities. In the Hollywood Hills alone, we’ve run into numerous rich and famous stars. All of the are from across the glamourous film sphere, ranging f...

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A towering Imperial walker looms over the El Capitan theater on Hollywood Boulevard. Jedi, Sith, and stormtroopers alike walk down a red carpet to see the latest Star Wars film premiere at Disney’s renowned movie venue. Star Wars has returned to Hollywood, and in such a grand fashion, it’s hard to forget that it ever left. With a return to form for the Last Jedi, Hollywood’s Walk of Fame is once again in the international spotlight, just in time for the holidays. In a tribute to Star Wars, the El Capitan held a whopping 23-hour movie marathon of all of the blockbuster films to date, inviting the most ardent fans to enjoy a day dedicated to the franchise. The El Capitan, onl...

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A car hurtles down a Hollywood side street, crashing into a fire hydrant. Two detectives hop out of another car, firing at the suspects fleeing from the crash. Onlookers hurriedly took cover while pulling out their phones. A cameraman floated above on a crane, capturing the shot. This scene was common decades ago, when Hollywood was mecca for filming on location. However, now it seems scenes like this are few and far between. Relatively few films and television productions are shot in Los Angeles—although many claim to be. The mass exodus of filming and production jobs started years ago, but Hollywood is slowly attempting to turn that tide. TV shows like Lethal Weapon are helping the i...

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Not so long ago, Marilyn Monroe would walk the Sunset Strip on the prowl for adventure. Not so long ago, Sinatra crooned for mobsters and movie stars alike, eventually becoming one. Not so long ago, Hollywood was the epicenter of glamour and scandal. Hotspots like the Sunset Strip and Beverly hills were the favorite haunts of many rising and falling stars of the past and present, as well as the rumor mills of Hollywood gossip and speculation. It has become common for people all over the world to image this glitzy version of Hollywood as a reality that is slowly fading in a more modernized age. Condominiums and deluxe hotels now dot the Hollywood landscape. New studios pop up seemingly out of...

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There are many things that can be said about Hollywood. It’s the place where dreams come true, where stars are born, and here thousands of tourists flock every year to see the glamour and glitz of the celebrities. When people think of business in Hollywood, movie studios and producers are the first things that come to mind. Most people don’t think of small business entrepreneurs in Hollywood but they do exist and thrive in an area filled with multi-million dollar studios and companies. Access Hollywood tours is one of those businesses that arose from almost nothing to become one of the best celebrity homes and Hollywood tour companies on Hollywood Boulevard. This was a business b...

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A longstanding icon for the Sunset Strip is slated to be torn down this summer, just before the peak of the popular Hollywood tour season. It’s a sad day for residents and tourists alike, who will undoubtedly miss the popular venue for its unique rustic look and exceptionally talented acts. The House of Blues was one of the go to performance venues for 21 years on the Strip, marking it as one of the most notable landmarks in West Hollywood. Opened by former Ghostbuster Dan Akyroyd and Isaac Tigrett, a musician and entrepreneur in 1994, The House of Blues was meant to be a venue for blues and other soulful acts. Prince, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keyes, Aerosmith and Common ...

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