City of Stars: Hollywood returns to a Galaxy Far, Far, Away

A towering Imperial walker looms over the El Capitan theater on Hollywood Boulevard. Jedi, Sith, and stormtroopers alike walk down a red carpet to see the latest Star Wars film premiere at Disney’s renowned movie venue. Star Wars has returned to Hollywood, and in such a grand fashion, it’s hard to forget that it ever left. With a return to form for the Last Jedi, Hollywood’s Walk of Fame is once again in the international spotlight, just in time for the holidays. In a tribute to Star Wars, the El Capitan held a whopping 23-hour movie marathon of all of the blockbuster films to date, inviting the most ardent fans to enjoy a day dedicated to the franchise. The El Capitan, only days after hosting the Last Jedi’s star-studded premiere, rolled out the red carpet to the legion of fans that attended the movie marathon. While the force was strong within the El Capitan, the theater wasn’t the only major event on the Walk of Fame.

Across the street, the Ghostbusters original Cadillac rolled onto the Walk of Fame in Hollywood. Vin Diesel’s famed Challenger parked right across from it, accompanied by the time traveling Delorean from the hit movie series Back to the Future, and the Batmobile from the popular Batman films. Tourists crowded the walk to take pictures and add to their sightseeing experiences in Hollywood. Autotrader, no doubt capitalizing on the Star Wars excitement, held an auto show for some of Hollywood’s most iconic cars.


Hollywood is once again buzzing for the holidays, with droves of tourists coming to visit the Tinseltown. Their sightseeing escapades will be filled with spectacular sights of premieres, stars, and props.

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